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Last updated: August 18th, 2017

Another fresh week and time to see another superb stocky dudes video today. We wanted to show off some more special and hot scenes to you this time as we know just how much you love seeing sexy studs getting their asses fucked nice and hard. And in his video you get to see another freshman getting initiated in the frat house by his seniors for the whole afternoon. If you want to see this guy’s nice and tight ass worked hard then you came to the right place for today. So let’s get the action started and see the guys in action as we bet that you are eager to see all of them play naughty this afternoon everyone!

The video begins with the guys watching football on the TV while there’s one guy that’s in charge of the initiation. So take your time to see him as he gets undressed and drops the guy’s pants. As he casually talks over with his buddies, you get to see him hammering that nice and fresh ass. Take the time to see him go faster and harder on the freshman’s ass as the later starts moaning louder and louder in pleasure. Take your time to truly enjoy this superb anal dicking today and have fun with it. And do check out the past scenes as well if you want to see some more new and fresh galleries with hot guys as well! If you are looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos, join the site and see a hot stud nailing his fuck buddies!


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Beer, Football and Blowjobs

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to a new and hot stocky dudes scene as well. We know that you just adore seeing these studs go wild and we wanted to do something special for this one. IN this scene you get to see a nice and hot full motion video with the guys fucking and we bet that you will just love it too. Watch them in action and see this video through as every second things get more and more hotter. So let’s not delay and let’s get the action started today shall we?

As the video scene starts off, you get to see this eager dude with a red shirt getting more and more horny. He was eager to get some cock any way he could and of course, his buddies were all there to help him out. Take your time to see him sucking and deep throating those nice and big cocks for a nice start to this scene and eventually you get to see others as they slide their cocks in his mighty fine and tight ass too. Enjoy watching him taking a nice anal fucking as he gives blowjobs and have fun with it. If you’re looking for similar videos, check out the site and see some muscled studs sucking each other off!

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Stocky Dudes – Wake and Fuck

This brand new week here has some more superb and sexy stocky dudes updates to show off to you guys. For this new scene you get to enjoy seeing how these frat guys like to party when they wake up in the morning. As you can see they enjoy doing things wildly and it’s quite the show to watch. No problem though, as there were lots of other studs with cameras ready to immortalize this superb and sexy event today too. So let’s get started and see them in action with this superb and hot gay morning fuck!

As the cameras start rolling, one dude gets chosen as the man slut and three others will have their time to have sex with him. Starting off one dude takes off his pants and lets him suck and slurp on that nice and big cock. Meanwhile the other two plan to raid his butthole and so, you get to watch them as they get to take turns penetrating his nice and tight ass doggie style too. Enjoy seeing the guy fucked from both ends today and watch him drenched in jizz at the end of the scene too. We’ll see you soon! Until then, enter the blog and see some gorgeous men fucking each other’s tight ass!


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Tie The Bitch Up

For this new and hot stocky dudes scene we have some more new scenes for you to see. In this one we bring you another superb and sexy threesome with eager guys that just want to have sexual fun. So without further due, here we present to you this week’s fuck scene with some horny and hot guys that will enjoy some hard style sex in front of the cameras and you guys today. Take the time to see the trio in action and let’s get their superb scene rolling without delay today shall we guys and gals?

stocky dudes tie the bitch up

The scene starts off with some classy stripping as the guys wanted to get naked for each other first. Watch them as they gently start to caress one another and see them playing with each other’s nice and big cocks too. Take your time to then see them stroking those nice and big cocks and eventually settling on who’s going to be on the receiving end today. After that of course, you get to enjoy the nice and hard style anal sex that the trio has too. Enjoy it today and see you next week with a new and hot gay fuck stocky dudes scene as always! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the site and see other horny gay guys getting their asses stretched!

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Stocky Dudes – The New Guy

Well here we are once more with some new and hot stocky dudes scenes as per usual. In this gallery you get to see a fresh and new guy that gets to learn the ins and outs of steamy gay sex and rest assured that he has some useful help in doing it from his new horny fuck buddies this afternoon. Let’s take the time to see him learning how to suck properly on a cock and how to take it in the ass, and let’s enjoy this amazing scene with him. We know you will love it too and rest assured you will see more of him in the future as well.

As the scene starts off, he’s the only one to remain dressed. His buddies all drop their clothes and present their nice and big cocks. They were eager to get them sucked by some juicy lips and that duty fell on the shoulders of the new guy today. Sit back and watch him sucking and slurping on some man meat today and enjoy the great job that he does at doing it too. Oh, and of course, you get to see his nice and sexy ass fucked balls deep as well as he moans in pleasure too. Have fun with this whole gallery and see you next time with some more new and hot scenes! If you’re looking for similar videos, join the site and see some horny gay guys stuffing each other’s tight ass!


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Spit Roasted Bottom

Another fresh week and time to see some more new and hot stocky dudes updates once more. In this superb scene you get to see two guys that get to have some kinky fun with one another in the back yard. And rest assured that they wanted to get down and dirty too. If you want to see more sexy and cute guys fucking check out one of our past scenes and see some more hunks in some kinky stocky dudes action as well. Anyway, for now let’s get back to our two dudes and see them at play without a second of delay this nice afternoon.

stocky-dudes-spit-roasted-bottomThey were playing football and they decided to up it up a notch. The one that lost would get to do the other’s bidding without question. And as this blonde dude was the winner he was planning to get to have some wild fun with his buddy. You see he knows that the brunet dude knows how to give proper head, so this afternoon he has him working on his nice and fat cock with his lips. Sit back and watch that big and hard cock sucked and deep throated with a passion for this nice and fine afternoon everyone. If you liked this scene and you are looking for similar videos and pics, check out the site and see some cock hungry gay hunks sucking and fucking all over the place!


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Stocky Dudes – Pussy Boy

This week has more amazing and hot stocky dudes scenes for you to see and rest assured that they are as hot and sexy as always. For this new and fresh gallery update we have some new and hot scenes to show off to you and they all have some superb and hot galleries as well. Let’s get started with these amazing studs today and let’s watch them having lots and lots of superb sexual fun this afternoon. We can guarantee that you will just adore seeing them in action without delay today everyone so let’s just get started!

The cameras start rolling and our hot and horny studs start off with a nice and superb strip show as well. You get to watch them as they get around to present those nude and sexy bodies for the cameras as well. Watch them as they then start the action properly and you can see some kinky and sensual cock sucking getting done as well. Then you get to see one stud getting banged both in the ass and in the mouth and he just loved it. Enjoy this nice and hot DP scene with the guys and have fun. We will be back soon with more! Until then, enter the site and see some good looking studs masturbating in front of the camera!


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Give Me The Juice

Today we take the time to bring you some more fresh and hot fuck scenes with some sexy guys. In this one you get to see some wild stocky dudes that get into some kinky action while their friends line up to film the whole thing as well. If you really like scenes like this, check out one of our previous ones and see another sexy and hot dude as he gets to take his time getting fucked too. Anyway, let’s just get this one started and see the guys in stocky dudes action without any more delay this nice and fresh week shall we?

stocky-dudes-give-me-the-juicy Their nice and hot scene starts off as the guy claims that he can give some mean head and of course one of the dudes there decided to put him to the test with his claim. No problem as the stud was ready to step up and back up his claims today. So sit back and see that guy whipping out his cock for this dude and then see him getting straight to work. Take the time to watch him working that nice and big meat pole with his luscious and juicy lips and have fun with the amazing and hot scene today. We’ll see you next week with more! If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s update, enter the website and have fun watching some gorgeous gay men having hardcore sex!

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Freshman Holes

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to a new and hot stocky dudes update today. For this week’s scene we have another superb and fresh scene to show off and it’s another incredibly hot and sexy threesome scene as well. These guys decided to take a group shower, but as you can see, things turned hot really fast. So let’s get to see them in action as they go for a nice and hard style gay group fucking scene this nice afternoon just for the cameras and you guys. So let’s get started.

The show like we said starts with them taking their shower, but as they were all naked, they started to get more and more in the mood to have some action. And by that of course, we mean that they were very much eager to do some nice and hard fucking too. Sit back and watch this sexy and hot stud with a tank top as he gets to bend over for his buddy and they all line up to fuck him. Take your time to enjoy seeing him as he takes a nice and hard ass fucking from all of them today everyone. See you next time! For similar gay stocky dudes scenes, check out the site and see some gorgeous men getting their tight asses stretched! Also you can enter the site and see some gorgeous men stripping naked!


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Stocky Dudes – Face Fucked

Hey there guys, we’re back with some more stocky dudes goodness and we know you will love it. For this new and hot scene we have some more gorgeous lads that get into some more amazing and hard style fuck scenes for you and they sure take their time to do just about everything. And trust us when we say that this is one threesome that you won’t soon forget everyone. So let’s just get to it and see the action go down with our sexy lads today shall we? We know that you guys want to see the sizzling hot action as well.


The stocky dudes scene begins with the guys settling on who’s going to be taking it in the ass today, and as you can see it’s the dude with the plaster on his nose. The other two let him suck and slurp on their nice and big cocks in the beginning and you get to see him enjoy some hard cock as he wraps his lips around those meat shafts. Then you get to see him taking it in the ass doggie style as the other two studs get to take turns fucking him as well. So have fun with it today and do drop by next week for some more new and hot scenes! If you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex scenes, enter the site and see some horny twinks getting wild! Also you can visit the site and see some horny gay daddies getting roughly hammered!


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